The number of students going abroad for higher studies has been steadily increasing over the years. While previously it was mostly for post-graduate studies, the numbers have been increasing for undergraduate courses as well. The lure of a global degree, better education, improved facilities and state-of-the-art infrastructure has led lakhs of Indian students to seek admission in foreign universities. Here are a couple of important things to keep in mind for students wanting to study in foreign lands.

20 October, 2016

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If you thought studying abroad is not your cup of tea mainly because of the sky high tuition and living costs, then you may have to do a complete U turn after you read this article! Studying abroad does not need to burn a hole in your pocket – what with varied loan plans as well as scholarships that can be availed.

10 October, 2016

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We deeply thank Mr. Silvio Navarro for the kind words. Such appreciation inspires us to push the boundaries of customer service even more. Attaching below is Mr.Navarro’s open letter to Weizmann Forex.

10 July, 2016

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Studying abroad can be an enriching experience; and the experience will teach you a lot of things, especially the tactics of handling the bumps on your way. There are issues that you may never have expected to crop up, but they may arise while you are travelling and studying abroad.

30 Jun, 2016

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There was a time when traveller’s cheques used to be your best friend while visiting a foreign place. There was no forgetting that bulky packet of cheques which was supposed to be the safest way of carrying money abroad. Thankfully those days are long over. New technology has created better tools for travellers to have instant access to money. Travel card, for instance, is quite convenient for frequent travellers; but getting the right card for the right situation will require some nifty research. A small amount of cash will always come handy when you first reach a destination and also for some establishments which do not accept cards. But mostly travel cards are extremely handy while you are visiting a foreign land.

20 Jun, 2016

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Going abroad for a business trip can be an exciting as well as a slightly anxious experience. And in this anxiousness a person can forget certain important must-carry items. This article will act as a checklist for any individual going abroad for a business trip.

07 Mar, 2016

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Things have changed for Abu Dhabi ever since it opened the doors to the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi – a one-of-its-kind indoor theme park by Ferrari and the largest one of its kind. Located on the Yas Island, this has emerged as one of the most popular theme park and entertainment hub in the world. Standing out on its own, this theme park has an iconic red roof that spreads over 200,000 sq metres, flaunting the largest ever logo of Ferrari.

07 Mar, 2016


Flying to USA for business deals is a tough job. Although, we all know that it’s always worth it, we can still make it even more productive than ever. While you’re actually attending a business meet in USA, there are many trade shows that always welcome people from different parts of the world to showcase their inventory and exhibits. Trade shows happen around the States and happen almost every 2-3 months. Here are some amazing business trade shows that you might want to attend while on your trip to USA:

07 Mar, 2016

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Singapore’s importance in global trade is immense. The Country is not only one of the major players in the region, but also a global trading power-house.

07 Mar, 2016

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Small and medium enterprises (SME’s) are the life blood of the Indian economy. Economic progress of a nation depends upon the growth and progress of its small and medium enterprises. Western Union Business Solutions (WUBS) provides certain core services that are pivotal for the smooth functioning of any SME.

17 Feb, 2016

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What better place to send your children abroad for further studies than Canada. Along with having a reputation of being one of the most peaceful nations in the world, It also has a thriving population of Indian’s residing there. These two aspects along with World-class universities make Canada a hugely attractive place to send your children to, for further studies.

10 Feb, 2016

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