5 trips you must take in your twenties

As you enter the twenties there is this new-found freedom, be it studying abroad and living away from family or starting with your first job. Having your own set of achievements and savings, adventures is what you look forward to. And when it comes to travelling abroad with your own money the thrill manifolds a thousand times. In no particular order, here are top 5 destinations you must visit in your twenties.


Thailand is a must visit destination for the party lovers. Apart from being known for the beaches and the cheap electronics they are also big on their party scenes, for the EDM lovers traveling to Tomorrowland might be an expensive affair, while Thailand would not be too heavy on the pocket. Plan your trip in such a way that you get to attend the festival of lights in Chiang Mai, The Foam Party in Pattaya and the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan.

2. Combodia

This is a perfect location to unwind, rejuvenate and soak in the beauty of nature, heritage and culture all at the same time. For the first timer if you want to try your hands at gambling you could also explore Asia’s answer to Las Vegas and roll the dice at Sihanoukville.

Places to visit and things to do:

3. Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka go tripping on nature and on mythology. You will be awestruck by the scenic beauty of this land, from trekking on the green trails to visiting UNESCO world heritage properties to petting elephants and turtles and even exploring the wildlife, Sri Lanka lets you do it all. The scenic beauty here is mesmerising and the mythological stories are enthralling. The Ramayana trail ensures that you don’t feel like you are too young to go on a pilgrimage but ensures that it makes you more inquisitive and relive the childhood stories that you heard from the Ramayana.

4. Bhutan

Bhutan offers perfect blend of royalty and serenity. The internet has made the crown prince of Bhutan a hero and he has won millions of hearts. The simplicity of this country will make you fall in love with it. Bhutan is known for its monasteries, fortresses (or dzongs) and dramatic landscapes. Amidst the fog, the snow-clad mountains and the lush green landscape, Bhutan is an ideal place for quick gateway.

5. Nepal

Unleash the adventure junkie in you when you visit Nepal. The view of the snow glad mountains will take your breath away. From Kathmandu, you can move around all of Nepal’s main attractions, all treks and hiking trails cane be booked from Kathmandu. If you plan to visit Pokhra don’t forget to enjoy the English breakfast in the by lanes and don’t forget to put your ear on the floor of the hotel room and don’t be surprised if you hear water flowing. Go ahead and take a leap of faith, trek on the most difficult terrains or jump of the cliff for the thrill.

Unquestionably these countries fall under the list of the world’s most alluring places to visit, the good part is they are accessible and affordable. And the best part in in 3 out of these 5 countries the Indian rupee is a widely-accepted currency. So, while travelling to Thailand or Cambodia ensure you carry a mix of Thai Baht and USD or Cambodian Reil and USD. While in Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Nepal apart from carrying the local currency and USD you can also spend at some places using the INR. Now that you have a list of top 5 countries to visit in your twenties, go ahead and make a detailed itinerary to explore the world.