Best benefits of travel cards over credit cards!

Inclination of Indian travellers and students to use credit cards has seen a sudden upsurge due to the digital India push given by the government. Estimates show that around 70% of overseas travellers book tickets online and hotels through debit or credit cards. In these changing trends of digitalization, we wanted to compare the benefits of using a travel card over credit cards. So let’s start with the most beneficial aspect of using a travel card.

22 foreign currencies in one card

Travel cards allow you to load local currencies, saving you cost and time. If you are visiting more than one country then carrying multiple foreign currency cash is cumbersome. A forex card makes things convenient for the traveller by helping him or her to carry multiple foreign currencies in one single card. Weizmann forex multi-currency travel card allows you to load up to 22 currencies in one go!

Lock the best exchange rates

One of the prime reasons why travellers opt for travel card over credit card is due to attractive rates. Imagine you are travelling to Europe, and the Euro to INR rate is comparatively low. Travel cards allow you to book the exchange rates very much in advance securing you from the fluctuation rates in currency markets. Now your trip to Europe will not only be a fun experience but also an incredibly secure one! In credit cards as opposed to travel cards, there is no such feature which makes credit cards a less attractive option.

Easy to use

Travel cards don’t get your bank accounts linked mainly because they are standalone cards. So in short, you get debit card functionality without even linking your bank account to it. Security measures attached with travel cards include chip, PIN code access and the ability to block a card if lost or stolen. Ease and convenience in using a travel card over a credit card is thus exceedingly high.

No Hidden Charges

There is zero foreign transaction fees whenever you buy something abroad using a Weizmann forex travel card. On the contrary, credit card companies charge almost 3-4% of the transaction amount as “foreign transaction fee”. So every 3000 US Dollar spent will save you about 100 US Dollar on a transaction, isn’t that a saving? So wait no more, book your travel card now!

The above features and benefits of travel cards makes it the most preferable choice for travellers and students who go abroad for leisure, business and study purposes. So next time you plan an overseas tour with your friends or family book a travel card first and get unlimited benefits! Bon Voyage!