Top 5 Reasons Why Ferrari World is not just for Kids

Things have changed for Abu Dhabi ever since it opened the doors to the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi – a one-of-its-kind indoor theme park by Ferrari and the largest one of its kind. Located on the Yas Island, this has emerged as one of the most popular theme park and entertainment hub in the world. Standing out on its own, this theme park has an iconic red roof that spreads over 200,000 sq metres, flaunting the largest ever logo of Ferrari. Though this is a great place for kids, owing to the large set of rides it offers, here is why this theme park is an awesome place even for adults.

Car Exhibitions and Live Shows

Ferrari World has been built by Ferrari, a brand that is associated with sheer brute power and torque. So it is understandable that its focus would be on cars. While the younger lot can enjoy the rides at this theme park, the adults can visit the various automobile displays and exhibitions that happen here as a matter of routine. You can also watch a live show with a demonstration by various cars showing off their horse power, good looks and prowess! Come away more informed than ever.

Formula Rossa

The crowning glory of Ferrari world, this is the world’s fastest roller coaster ride, one that is bound to make your hair stand at an end! Do the Formula Rossa ride to go home with some serious bragging rights. This one is not for the faint hearted and is the perfect outlet for the adventurous adult. You will end up doing 149mph in a matter of five seconds around the 2-km track!

The Fiorano GT Challenge

Get into a spider-shaped car zipping around the parallel tracks and race with an expert. Get your picture clicked at the end of the challenge for a souvenir that you can proudly place at home. This fun ride will get your adrenaline pumping for sure. So are you up for the challenge?

G Force

This funnel-shaped opening offers you a seat that will thrust you 62 meters up in the air for an experience that will jolt any boredom out of your system. And when you drop back at 12 meters per second, you will literally feel your stomach coming up for air! Try the G Shock for an experience that you cannot forget!

The Pit Wall

Now, this one is a real mind bender. Take the Ferrari quiz if you are an automobile or racing enthusiast, and find out where you stand with your know how. This feature is informative and entertaining even as it promises to keep you busy for a while.

While Ferrari World may be a theme park full of rides and thrills, you can also visit the Ferrari Store and indulge in more adult like pursuits. This theme park is a treat for kids and adults alike, with a focus on infotainment and some good old adventure to boot! While you are visiting this awesome theme park, make sure you have made arrangements for adequate foreign currency cash so that you and your family can enjoy without a worry.

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