2019 Travel Plans Here Are Tips for the Perfect Trip Abroad

To a travel enthusiast, a New Year means, 365 days of new travel possibilities, and 2019 looks to be an especially promising year for travel, particularly overseas travel. Technology is at its best; the connectedness of social media and the convenience of online portals that allow you to book tours and other travel packages digitally have made planning a trip in 2019 a breeze. And it’s the season for travel. So whether you’re headed to a new country for a business trip, further studies, a family vacation, or for other reasons, here are 5 smart travel tips that are sure to transform your experience:

Health and Security

Nothing is as important as your health, especially when you’re traveling to unfamiliar locations, so travel insurance is a must-have for all your trips abroad. It is the best way to travel without worrying constantly about enormous medical bills and theft. And you can avail customized travel insurance plans through Weizmann Forex. Our insurance coverage is especially reliable since we partner with reputed names in the space: Reliance General, Trawell Tag, Future Generali, and Bajaj Allianz.

To further enjoy zero worries in terms of your health, both while you’re in transit and when you’re abroad, you will also need to get the necessary vaccines, carry the required medication, and renew your prescriptions to ensure you don’t run out.

Traveling overseas also involves a significant amount of paperwork. You’ll have to ensure your passport, visa, and ID proofs are with you at all times and that you have sufficient copies of them. Ensuring your family has copies of the documents will be of additional help, particularly if an emergency crops up. Your papers, proofs, and health provisions should be your first priority. So be absolutely certain that you check and double-check them before you step past your threshold.

Forex and Finance

Every trip involves a good amount of finance, and trips abroad mean forex transactions. Fortunately for you, Weizmann Forex offers expert forex services for every kind of traveler headed beyond national borders. These services include the provision of multi-currency travel cards, currency exchange, money/wire transfers, student forex solutions, forex solutions for business, and more.

But what is the Weizmann Forex advantage? Transacting with us means you get to enjoy the best rates on the exchange of currency notes, you benefit from doorstep forex delivery in under 24 hours for orders of over Rs. 50,000. You even get to go cashless thanks to our Multi-Currency Overseas Travel Card, which can be used like a regular debit card and can be swiped at over 30 million Visa merchant outlets across the globe and is perfectly secure thanks to its chip-and-PIN feature!

Now, a trip to a foreign country or two means countless expenses, so here’s a smart budget tip: travel during the off-season! You save on flight tickets, accommodation, and more, and you get to steer clear of the crowds that flock to popular tourist destinations during the peak season!


One of the best ways to remain within a budget while savouring a peaceful stay in a foreign land is by staying in apartments or opting for the Airbnb way of managing your accommodation. By doing either of these, you get to enjoy access to your own full kitchen, you get to ensure good hygiene thanks to access to your own laundry, and you get to share your living costs!

And if living expenses are a pain point for you, manage them with help from Weizmann Forex. This is especially handy if you’re a student headed abroad and you want to sort out your hostel costs and other accommodation-related payments. You’ll benefit from prompt customer care services, transparency, and the best rates in the market!

The year promises exciting travel possibilities, and these tips are sure to take them to the next level. So head out there, and make 2019 a year to remember.