Top 5 reason why you must include Lisbon in your Euro trip

One of Europe’s most underrated city, Lisbon, is fast emerging as one of the most coveted tourist destinations in Europe and is now on every Euro Trip aspirants radar. Here are top 5 reasons why a trip to Europe is incomplete without visiting Lisbon.

1. It is budget friendly

As unreal as this sounds, Lisbon is way cheaper than the popular destinations like, Rome, Paris, London. The added advantage is that you don’t need to pay an entry fee at most of the tourist destinations. Be it food or stay or travelling around the city you can be rest assured to get high quality at a decent price.

2. Mesmerising architecture

Be rest assured to fall in love with the brightness of this city, the majestic arches and the sprawling streets. The intricate ornate tile work will catch your as you take a stroll down the sidewalks of the city. You will for sure soak in the whimsical romance that is a part of Lisbon’s air.

3. Perfect for beach bums

Lisbon is surrounded by beaches and these beautiful beaches are popular among tourists as well as the local inhabitants. One of the most beautiful beaches in Euopre, Praia de Adraga, is in Lisbon. What makes travelling here more special is that the coastline assures that the weather conditions are great all through the year, which means you can travel to Lisbon without having to worry much about the weather.

4. Food lovers’ paradise

The sea food here is impeccable, if you eat here you will find certain similarities between the food in Lisbon and in Goa. The spice meter of the food here is high but they are very tasty. From cod to crab to a variety of fishes, be rest assured to find them all here. In desserts, do not forget to try the custard tart.

5. Great with party scenes

A city with beaches is almost always synonymous to parties. The night life in LIsbon is quite happening and at the same time doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. It offers something to everyone. From EDM to country to jazz to traditional folk music you can get spoilt by multiple choices in Lisbon.

Lastly a trip to Lisbon is incomplete without making history a part of your experience, you can als visit Sintra which is a UNSECO listed complex. Sintra used to be a part of the royal family’s complex that once lived there. You can pay in euros across Lisbon and if you are wondering how do you carry the euros from India, simply visit any of our 200 branches or simply leave us a message on our website.