An open Letter by a Customer

We deeply thank Mr. Silvio Navarro for the kind words. Such appreciation inspires us to push the boundaries of customer service even more. Attaching below is Mr.Navarro’s open letter to Weizmann Forex.

Dear Mr. Chandra, Deputy Manager Weizmann Forex,

I want to share a story with you for the benefit of you and your staff, as well as your clients.

This week I left my home for travel to Bangalore and discovered at the airport that I had left my credit cards at home. Needing to depart on my flight I instructed my wife to wire me some funds that I would receive upon arrival in Bangalore. My wife was aware that I had a stay over in Singapore, and wanting to make sure I had funds to travel with she wired the funds to Singapore.

I was not aware of the decision she took to wire to Singapore, so when I called her to note down the Money Transfer Control Number she provided it to me. Just to make sure I asked her to call Western Union in the United States to confirm the wire and the control number. She confirmed both.

The next morning I had to be at a client meeting to lead a session where I was the Keynote Speaker. So I used the small amount of cash I had in my pocket to pay for a taxi to go to work. At the end of the day I had planned to instruct the taxi to take me to a Western Union location to retrieve my funds and pay the taxi. I was now completely out of cash.

The first Western Union location we stopped at was closed for the day. The drive from my clients location had taken almost two hours due to traffic. I desperately asked if there were any locations opened at the late hour of 8:00 pm. I was told of your agency. I was told that you and your team would be called and you would wait for my arrival, even though it was approaching your usual closing hour.

Upon arrival you and your team were just closing despite awaiting my overdue arrival. I presented my documentation and your staff was unable to confirm the transaction. I was in real trouble! I was out of cash, had a taxi awaiting payment, and I have obligations in the morning that require me to have cash to travel.

It was now 9:00 pm, one full hour after closing, and despite this late hour your staff continued to make calls on my behalf to attempt confirmation of the documentation I provided. Not one of your staff left the office to go home, and all of your team was active in investigating what the problem must be.

Your team finally discovered that my wife had wired the funds to the wrong country, and therefore your office was unable to release the funds until, my wife, the originator made the change in the US.

So to summarize, you and your team spent one and a half hours to help me correct a problem that we had unknowingly made. I was quite relieved to know that fund would be released, even if it meant having to wait until the morning.

But your outstanding customer service had not ended yet. You agreed to pay my taxi by authorizing an advance from your office, and further a small advance so I could meet my travel needs the next business day. You had also arranged for me to speak to the owner of your office who offer any assistance I needed until the error could be corrected by my wife. And the icing on the had one of your team members drive me back to my hotel.

I have rarely experienced such incredible customer service. I am a world traveler, circling the globe on average twice a year. I can honestly say that you and your team showed me the true meaning of customer service.

Deepest regards,
Silvio Navarro

Navarro and Associates