Tips to Study in Canada For International Students

Canada, apart from its bone freezing winters, is a popular destination for international students. Indian students are attracted to studying in Canada for it is a great opportunity and an exciting one. For any student who wishes to relocate to Canada for education purpose, or for permanent residency even, a prior knowledge of the culture, norms, human rights, immigration processes etc would help you map your stay in a designated format. For a student, here are a few Things to Remember while Applying to Canada Universities-

1. Mind-set-

For students applying to Canadian universities the first thing I to prepare themselves for a 360 degrees change. The culture, food, and weather, even the language would be different. You will have to adapt yourself according to that place. The home-sickness would be inevitable but you have to be strong enough and think it this way that all this will be rewarded back to you once your career is set. Although with the appeal for a student visa you will have to submit your medical verification report to the visa council, but before all this, ensure that you are physically and mentally prepared for it.

2. Languages-

Language is the foremost form of spoken communication no matter where you go. Canadian administration has accepted two official languages- English and French. French is mostly spoken in the province of Quebec however, if you have a command over English language then you are good to go however learning French language would only add a statement in your resume.

3. The Weather-

Canada is specifically known for its harsh winters and giant layers of snow during the long winters. The winter would require you to prepare yourself for some extreme cold encounters with a winter jacket, gloves, waterproof boots and lots of cold resistance.

4. University options-

There are many deciding factors when a student searches for a university for the chosen course to pursue. Canada has many colleges and universities which are publicly funded and accredited. This means that studying in these would give your qualifications across the placement platforms a renowned recognition. A word with the alumni of the universities would give you a better insight on choosing a correct university. Gather valuable information on everything you need to know about studying abroad like- study permits, temporary resident visas, costs, finding a program etc beforehand.

5. Scholarships-

Most universities in Canada have scholarship programs for its international student spectrum. It is advised to do a thorough research for the same as it would help you fund your costs during your entire curriculum.

6. Living in Canada as a student-

The best option for any student studying in a Canadian university is to take the campus accommodation. This will give you an easy access to all your university benefits, aid you in reducing the cost of living in a foreign country and have enough people to keep loneliness at bay. Another good option you can consider is a home stay facility which most students claim is better than any other option.

7. Aid your savings strategies with jobs-

While studying in Canada opting for a part-time job is something to consider seriously. Utilizing your free time in doing jobs and earning extra money will help you in the long run. After completion of your studies you can opt for a full time job and residency as well.

8. A Bank Account-

All students are recommended to open a bank account for keeping their money safe. Many banks have come up with plans that cater to a student’s financial needs so, do visit different banks, know their plans and then open an account with the most student friendly benefits.

9. Cost cutting-

With everything done right as mentioned above your stay in Canada would be comfortable. As a student living in a foreign country you must find out different ways to cut cost but that doesn’t mean living only on essentials. Study hard, focus on making a good career, party once in a while, and travel! Enjoy your student life in Canada while you can.

Important initiative you should know about is- The Canada in India Student Partners Program (SPP), by the Canadian government. This is a joint project between Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s visa offices in India and the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC). Citizens of India who wish to participate in the program should enquire about this with the chosen college for more information. Study-permits for applicants from India are usually processed within three weeks of submission of the form. If you worry about how to pay college fees in Canada from India, then you can avail Weizmann’s Forex services. They provide you Travel Card, Foreign Currency, Remittance from India, College Fees remittance, Student Insurances, Student Loans assistance.