Where can you Study Abroad for cheap or even Free?

If you thought studying abroad is not your cup of tea mainly because of the sky high tuition and living costs, then you may have to do a complete U turn after you read this article! Studying abroad does not need to burn a hole in your pocket – what with varied loan plans as well as scholarships that can be availed. Yet, there is a whole other world of options that many people do not know about. Many countries around the world offer extremely low or even free college education. This primarily depends on the country of origin as well as the various qualifying factors – yet, it really is an option that one can think about! Read this article to know all about the various countries where you can study abroad for free.


As one of the most reputed industrial hubs of the world, Germany boasts of many world class institutions where you can easily avail the resources that will help you grow and innovate in your career. The low education costs and the high level of education and instruction will ensure that you have a good college degree at your disposal – without breaking the bank. A nominal fee of about $160 USD is charged as administration costs in most of its universities that have been rated as the best in the entire world.

Nordic Countries

One can also study for free or at a very low cost in Nordic nations like Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway. There are certain qualifications and criterion that one must fulfil before studying in these universities, free of cost. For example, Norway stipulates that the student will need to demonstrate some amount of proficiency in Norwegian language. Also, the PhD programs at most universities in these countries are fully funded.


This is another European country that offers a nominal fee of about $390 USD annually to subscribe to the universities for a full time course. This country has been ranked at number 20 in the worldwide index for best college education, as per varied studies.


One can avail the free education easily at the universities and colleges in this country. And what’s more – you can even get your course material and textbooks for free! There are certain Master’s Programs that charge the students a nominal annual tuition fee.

You can make one of these countries part of your child’s educational journey today, but not before you have done full research on things like student and travel insurance for your stay abroad and, of course, currency exchange. When it comes to exchange of currency, you want to make sure you get the best rate for the currency of the country you are travelling to. For this, make sure you check out the offerings of Weizmann Forex before taking the final decision on where to study.