The Story Behind The Food

We often travel across seven seas to see new places, soak in the culture and make memories. The one thing that sets the experience apart is the food we eat. Relishing the local savouries, setting out on food trails and knowing the story behind the food or making our own story about the food is something that can form the centrepiece of your travel story.

In this blog, we speak about the one place that not just touches our stomach but also our soul. Syr a restaurant in Netherlands is one such place that is making a difference with food that tastes good and does good. You would have guessed it that maybe Syr has something to so with Syrian cuisine. But the surprise element here is that Gys Foundation, who is behind this beautiful initiative had opened its doors to encourage, develop and fuel the talents and dreams of Syrian refugees who had arrived in Netherlands. What sets this restaurant apart is the good vibe that you feel as soon as you enter this place. The hospitality, warm smiles, ambience is what lives with you even after you leave the restaurant. While all of this is good the real USP of the place is that they serve Syrian dishes with a European Twist. You will come across people from different parts of the world adding goodness to this beautiful Dutch restaurant. The staff can speak in multiple languages, from Arabic to English to French.

It all started as a crowdfunding campaign and within a few weeks over 500 investors helped Syr open doors to its customers on 25 June 2016 at Lange Nieuwstraat 71, in Utrecht, Netherlands. Beyond running the restaurant Syr is creating education and career opportunities outside of the restaurant. The profit Syr makes in its first year will be donated to the Foundation of Refugee Students UAF and support of the restaurant.

What sets the restaurant apart is that it is helping in creating an ecosystem where the local inhabitants can host events, programmes, and even presentations, workshops and debates.

The next time you visit Utrecht in Netherlands do not forget to book yourself a table at Syr and if you plan to visit Netherlands you know you can rely on us to help you sort your Forex needs.