What Every Indian Must Know Before Heading to Singapore

When it comes to the globe’s top tourist destinations, most lists feature the little city-state known as Singapore. It is a place where explorers, foodies, adventure seekers, and socializers meet. This island paradise is as sophisticatedly modern in some parts as it is naturally breathtaking and traditionally appealing in others; it is a place where new experiences are created every day. Singapore has it all! Being a hub for education, finance, technology, trade, and a lot more, it is often a natural choice for Indians looking to travel abroad. So whether you’re planning a week’s trip or a three-five year stay in Singapore, here are a few must-know details for you.

How to apply for a visa?

You finally made time for the trip, saved enough for the experience, but you start worrying about sorting out your travel documents. This can be exhausting, but a little knowledge about the same will save you from worrying about it. You can safely apply for a Singapore tourist visa by downloading the Singapore tourist visa form with the required information; the visa will allow a maximum stay of 30 days, with a validity of two years. Also, fortunately, this is a multiple-entry visa, so you can travel multiple times without having to re-apply. You also must ensure that your passport is valid for six months from your date of entry in Singapore.

What about money?

Singapore is an exquisite country to visit, and it packs lavish price tags to match its rare beauty. But travelling to the Southeast Asian destination is still worth it. Our Multi-Currency Card will ensure this; you’ll have access to the best exchange rates, and you won’t have to incur any hidden charges!

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What to see?

Singapore is an Asian destination that has sights that will stun you. From its Sultan Mosque, Resort Island Sentosa, and Art Science Museum to its 158-year-old Botanic Gardens, Singapore Zoo, and St John’s and Lazarus islands, the country is a treat for your senses. It even boasts the unbelievable Gardens by the Bay, which are home to the incredible Supertree Grove.

What to do?

We’ve already said that Singapore is a treat for your senses, and we weren’t excluding taste. While the city does have some costly dining locations that are unforgettably good, its street food is almost as delightful. Singapore’s ‘hawker centers’ serve everything from the country’s own traditional dishes to Indian, Indonesian, and Chinese treats. A must-taste is the flat noodle dish ‘char kway teow’. Apart from being a glorious food locale, Singapore is also a joy for shoppers. Whether it’s the premium Orchard Road or Chinatown, the shopaholic in you won’t be disappointed.

How to get around?

Given the fact that there are numerous must-visit spots in Singapore, you’ll need reliable modes of transport to get you from A to B. Luckily for you, the city’s MRT subway system is as hassle-free as it is quick. It is the best way to travel since going on foot is exhausting and travelling by road may mean endless jams. However, if you do take the road, you can avail one of the 15,000 plus reasonably-priced air-conditioned city cabs.

When to visit?

One of the best aspects of Singapore is that you can visit it anytime you like as it experiences a pleasant climate all year round. However, if you’re looking to escape lofty rates, skip the city’s most popular happenings, like Chinese New Year. But if you’re aiming to visit at the absolute best time, then do so between November and June; you’ll get the best events and some dreamy showers as well.

Where to stay?

Singapore offers relaxing stays to people of nearly all budgets. If you’re willing to spend generously, head to the hotels in the Marina Bay and Orchard areas; however, if you’re set on something more affordable, take a look at this list.

Honourable Mentions

Finally, here are a few quick tips if you’re a first-time traveller to Singapore:

  • Chewing gum will cost you a lot
  • The majority of the population speaks English
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in many public places, including shopping centers and other public buildings, and even carrying cigarettes into the country is a chargeable offence
  • Singapore is big on accessibility; a wheelchair won’t stop you from visiting the Zoo or riding the Singapore Flyer
  • The city is low on crime and high on safety; even its tap water is safe for consumption

All in all, Singapore has a lot to offer an Indian tourist or any tourist at all. So head to the city-state that went from third world to first world in just one generation, as soon as you can!