Things to Consider before planning to study in Canada

A bright career starts with a great education. Studying abroad can be scary as well as an exciting stage in anyone’s life. Let’s look at some of the factors while choosing a college.

There are an array of options available when you want to study abroad, but on the top of the list, you would find ‘Canada’. Canada is the seventh most popular higher education destination in the world. McGill, University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, University of Alberta and Simon Fraser Universities are some of the most sought after universities to achieve full-time academic degrees. However, beyond this, the country’s best colleges can be found in Toronto, British Columbia, and Montreal. Canadian University is well recognized and equally equivalent as a degree of United States. It includes cross-disciplinary studies and the development of skills like critical thinking, communication, and teamwork. Out of 100, there are five Canadian Universities ranked in top 2018.

The demanding study courses in Canada are postgraduate diploma in fields like Business Management, Computer Science and Hospitality, Media, Engineering.

Upgraded Technology

Canada holds a strong position in digital media, aeronautical engineering, telecommunications, gaming and all those related to technology. Initially, it was the first country that provided the Innovation School Net program through the Internet to most schools and libraries there. As per the Canadian Internet Registration Authority, Canadians spend most hours online.

Canada provides superior quality of life with affordable cost of living comparing to other countries along with safety, stability, and respect.

Environment and Culture

It is fun and pleasing to study in a highly diverse population that gives us an experience of a rich and vibrant cultural scene. There are many natural beauties and events visited by millions of people. It is a vast country situated in North America covers the surface area 14 times larger than France does. You can experience that there are magnificent landscapes throughout the country with four distinct seasons. Some scenic places like Pristine beaches of Prince Edward Island, fjords of Saguenay, Perce Rock of Gaspe and many more. Canada encompasses mountains, prairies, and forests with an endless source of natural beauty.

Safety in Canada

When choosing to study abroad parents and students are always worried about safety. In Canada people are not judged by their caste, creed or country of origin, they are welcomed by their actions, character, and friendliness. There are many Indian students as well as students from other countries that are residing safely.


Canada undergoes four seasons. And depending on where you stay in the country. Montreal city is usually cold and snowy. People can enjoy snowfall, which begins in November and continues throughout March. During this wintertime, the temperature falls from -6 degree to -15 degree. Summer temperature rises from 15 degrees to 25 degree Celsius. The Toronto Weather is milder comparing to other Canadian cities, but you can experience cold and snow there too. Summer temperature falls from 15 degrees C to 25 degrees C while in winter the temperature drops from -10 degree to 12 degree Celsius.

Vancouver weather is mild throughout the year. Summer is a little warm as the average temperature falls about 22 degrees Celsius. Snow is rare in Vancouver, and the average temperature is 3 degrees C to 7 degrees C.


Canadians are free to accept the multicultural and diverse people throughout the world. You can get all the Indian items to eat be it from simple Basmati Rice to authentic Snacks. Canadians are helpful and kind.


Whenever we shift to another country, we are always confused with the language. We prefer countries where language should be either English or our native language. Initially, everyone encounters a language problem, but once you live; there you will accept all the changes quickly. There are multiple languages used in Canada, but English and French are primary languages. More than 50% population uses English while 25% uses the French language. Their accent is different from Indians; at first, it is not easy to understand their accent right away. Take time to learn more about their accent and language. The same problem is with Canadians; they will not be able to understand your accent right away. Do not be shy, speak slowly and appropriately. Like every country, residents consist of slang language in their speech that will take time to understand.

Participate in all activities and sessions in your class; this will allow a person to indulge with them. Participate in outside class as well in-group works that give you different opportunities to practice English Skills and understand their culture easily.

What can you expect as a student in Canada?

As per United Nations ranking, Canada is considered as one of the top 10 best places in the world to live. Montreal is one of the top 10 best student’s cities throughout the world. Before deciding where to live, you should determine what city you want to manage to live.

Secondly, you must look for university managed accommodation or private property owner option. Some schools and universities provide student residence on campus or near the campus area. Dormitories are large buildings housing with a facility of common space for entertainment, cooking, and exercise. These are directed and managed by the school or universities that allocated staying on people in dormitories.

Another option is Townhouse that have three or six bedrooms. If you wish to remain alone without any roommates, then this option is best for you. It includes kitchen space and living room area. Usually, second to fourth-year students opt for this type of accommodation. There is also an option of off-campus shared apartments with one or more roommates. They have single occupancy bedrooms along with a shared kitchen, living area, bathroom, and dining area. If schools or universities are not providing you with campus housing, then they support you for off-campus housing option by providing agencies number.

Along with it, many host family allows you a private and single occupancy room with services provided like meals and internet access. There is a temporary furnishes apartment available on rental. You have to search these apartments on yourself by getting contact numbers from the Internet. There is an agreement signed before allocating the apartment. Go with legal and loyal agencies check their information properly before entering in it.

Orientation week is conducted by universities where you would be launched to the university and the services they provide. Colleges provide more than just sports; they offer you extracurricular activities with a wide range of music, drama, science and literary societies. Along with these, you would be an usher in outdoor activities and education. You would get the opportunity to spend time in theatres, concerts, and places relevant to the study course. For example, some historical sites, scientific companies, and projects. Beyond this Canada offers many things for students like art galleries, sports, and music concerts for their leisure time.

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