Tips to Travel with Currency Exchange Card Safely

Every person’s innate desire is to see the world and soothe their wanderlust. Now, the world maybe one home but let’s face it the currencies will always be different. When thinking about such multiple destination endeavors the most important thing is that you need something profoundly comfortable to take care of your currency exchanges and its rates of fluctuations. A traveler’s all financial needs are taken care by the magical yet simple invention of a Currency Exchange Travel Card. This product works as a magic wand when you travel to different countries as with a swipe all your bills are paid without the tiring calculations of current exchange rate of that particular country. Using Weizmann’s forex multi-currency prepaid card is one of the most popular choices in the market as it offers you the best services with reasonable charges. So when planning your next travel schedule you know where to look for handling your money in a secured way.

What is a multi-currency exchange card-?

As the name suggests, this a chip based card, like your regular credit or debit card, the difference is that at the time of purchase the card is loaded with the currencies of your choice (pounds, euros or US dollars, Australian dollars etc.) amounting to your desired budget. This card also provides the card holder with the facility of adding multiple currencies and a top up as and when required. For the customers who travel a lot this card is nothing less than a boon for it frees them from all the worries of exchange rates, cash withdrawals and the extra service charges. Additionally, you can withdraw cash at Point of Sale (POS) in any currency from any part of the world. Some of the forex companies provide additional discount privileges to its customers on the purchase of multi-currency card.

• Protection from frauds –
Any mal practice during the exchange of currency is safeguarded using a multi-currency travel card.

• Safeguards from fluctuating forex rates –
Forex prepaid multi-currency travel cards are designed to give you protection against currency fluctuations while you explore the world.

• Global currency availability –
It could be issued against various national currencies like Canadian Dollar, Dirham, US and Australian Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, Singapore Dollar, Sterling Pound and Swiss Franc, etc.

• E-commerce usage –
This is could be an on request affair for most cards as it might require activation. Once activated, you can use it for online e-commerce transactions.

• Safe and secure –
This eliminates the hassle of carrying loads of cash during your travels. It is widely accepted across master and visa merchants or retail outlets, giving you a sense of freedom and security for your money.

  1. Carry only a limited amount of cash along with your currency and credit cards while traveling abroad for the “just in case “situations.
  2. Always op for chip and pin security in your card
  3. Carry a small amount of local currency of the country you are visiting
  4. It is a good idea not to carry all your funds in the same place but separate some for security purposes or in case of emergency.
  5. Activate internet banking access before you leave
  6. Leave emergency contact numbers with the bank/ forex company
  7. Ensure that your issuer is on the speed dial in case of a foul play at the merchant’s end or in case or misplacement or theft
  8. Thorough knowledge of how to top up your travel card before you leave
  9. Keep all receipts safe until your return
  10. Keep your card, passport and other necessary documents safe and in person all the time and if possible photocopies of it as well

With the emergence of technology the financial advancements have gained a boost too. One might travel for business, leisure or education purposes. In such cases the importance of travel cards come in handy whether you have to pay your hotel bills or anything or even your university fee, a currency exchange travel card gives you the financial support and ease of travel simultaneously. For Indian students Weizmann’s forex multi-currency prepaid exchange cards are especially designed to cater to their money requirements and that the services are prompt.