Top 10 Must Carry Items During Your Business Trip

Going abroad for a business trip can be an exciting as well as a slightly anxious experience. And in this anxiousness a person can forget certain important must-carry items. This article will act as a checklist for any individual going abroad for a business trip.

Make sure you’re carrying the following items before embarking on that all important business trip:-

Business cards

Always be sure to have an ample number of business cards with you when travelling for a business meeting or conference. You can also carry business cards of your associated co-workers in case they fall short.

External phone charger & cord

Carrying an external power bank for your phone has never been more important. Make sure you carry a fully-powered external power bank in case your phones battery is shoddy.


Carrying a laptop may seem like a no-brainer, however be sure keep track of the documents within the computer as well. Always make sure the required documents are relevant and up to date.

Wireless card

Using hotel or airport Wi-Fi may be a hassle at times. To counter this be sure to carry a wireless data card with you at all times. Never miss an important email again!

A USB flash drive

Keeping copies of your important work related documents is always a good practice. Be sure to keep a USB flash drive loaded with copies of your important documents.

At least a couple of pairs of shoes

Along with carrying a formal pair of shoes for meetings, also be sure to carry comfortable walking shoes when you’re exploring the city.

Extra pair of clothes

Make sure you carry an extra lot of formal and casual clothes. You never know when you may end up needing that extra pair of clothing.

Backup of your data

It’s always a good idea to take a backup of your work related files, as well as your personal identification documents such as Passport, Visa, travel insurance & air tickets.


A regular notepad with a pen can act as your very own personal assistant, as it can be used to remind you about your daily tasks, objectives and goals.

And Most importantly, be sure to enjoy your trip!