Travel Smart with a Multi- Currency Travel Card

When you’re planning to travel past your country’s borders, there’s a lot that you need to do to ensure everything is in place when you finally make your trip. You need to check your passport and update it if required; you need to get a visa; you need to get some travel insurance; you even need to get some of your host country’s currency so you can transact when you get there. This last process can get quite complex, especially if you’re heading to multiple countries.

For instance, how do you carry multiple currencies if you’re touring Europe? How do you avoid extra charges? How do you basically make it all simpler and more efficient?

Well, how about using a Multi-Currency Forex Card?

While you could use the traditional methods like carrying, Travellers Cheque & Currency Notes, Travel Cards are gaining more popularity because of the convenience, safety & simplicity that they offer. These cards let you make withdrawals at ATMs, and make payments at merchant outlets.

The cards even let you lock the exchange rates of the funds you’ve already loaded onto them. What else? Well, they are incredibly safe to use since they don’t require you to link to any bank accounts.

So to further illustrate how great a travel card is, let’s introduce you to our very own Multi-Currency Travel Card.

The handy little card is built like a debit or credit card but is far more capable. From allowing you to store multiple currencies to giving you alerts and updates, the Weizmann Forex Multi-Currency Travel Card is as smart as it is modern. This is what it offers-


It goes without saying that the Multi-Currency Card is simple to use and is hassle-free. The instrument lets you lock in exchange rates at what they were when you loaded the currencies onto it. This means you needn’t worry about rising exchange rates. Also, there’s no complex process involved and zero hidden charges that are incurred. This means that while credit card companies charge almost 3-4% of a transaction amount as a foreign transaction fee, we, at Weizmann Forex, ensure you incur zero foreign transaction fees whenever you buy something abroad using our Multi-Currency Card. So whether you’re visiting multiple countries at a time or even just one country multiple times, this is the card that’ll help across transactions.


We’ve been saying the Multi-Currency Card, as its name suggests, allows you to load a number of currencies onto it. But how many currencies do we mean? 16! So whether you’re travelling to Singapore, China, Thailand, Switzerland, Australia, the US, the UK, Malaysia, or the UAE, this is the only card you’ll need for your transactions! The travel card is also super-efficient because it is a prepaid Visa international forex card that can be used at 30 million Visa merchant outlets across the globe! This means shopping, dining, and general leisure and entertainment without hassles. What’s more is that applying for the Multi-Currency Card even lets you avail exciting offers exclusive to card holders!


The Weizmann Forex, Multi-Currency Travel Card is a great way to transact abroad because it ensures you carry just one card instead of several. But this is not the only aspect of it that makes it a convenient offering. The card even saves you the trouble and worry involved in linking to your respective bank/s because it functions without such links. We even offer encashment options on return. And there’s more. Our Multi-Currency Card holders get email invitations to special travel discounts and offers—in other words, discounts and offers that come to you!


Of all the payment instruments out there, the Multi-Currency Travel Card is one of the most secure to make payments abroad because it operates using the chip-and-PIN feature. This means you have PIN code access and you can block your card in the case of theft or loss.


Finally, our travel card is a smart instrument to take along with you on your trips across national borders, especially if you’re travelling with family, because it offers assistance and alerts. What do we mean? Well, card holders get emergency trip assistance and other basic global customer assistance. You even get updated and alerted about transactions and other details via SMS notifications. And did we mention that the travel card allows 24x7 access to funds? Well, we just did.

There they are—the reasons why travel cards are the new favorite among travelers and, better still, the features that make our Multi-Currency Travel Card a must-have. So what are you waiting for? Apply for the smart little card today!