Planning for a trek? Here’s the Ultimate Trekking Check List!

Planning for a trek? What should be on your check-list? Things that are an absolute must and should not be given a miss. Well, we will help you nail them.

Trekking makes for marvelous recreation. One that is great for the mind, body, and soul. It not only helps one explore unchartered, stunning new locales but also helps one test one’s physical and emotional endurance. It helps one discover many hidden secrets of nature, scenic terrains, helping one come to a place of equilibrium with nature and one’s inner-self.

So when you travel to Europe or the North and South Americas or to the Africa, you would want to plan a trek to the mountains, and plains and forests. You get to see not only the tourist attractions but also what the heart, soul of its country-sides are.
So how does one go about planning the perfect check-list for that international trekking trip that one is so earnestly planning? We help you combine a must-trek-check that gives you a quick, round-up of things you should not miss. First comes a bunch of 'must-haves' and 'must-carries.'

Carry the Right Back Pack

We begin this list with the right back-pack – one that should be large enough to fit all your essentials but not so large that it weighs you down.

Be Prepared for the Weather

Make sure that you also carry a water-proof sheet or a ‘rain-cover’, after all, the weather in forests, may at certain times be extremely erratic, and it may rain profusely.

The All Important Clothing

After this, comes the clothing that you must carry. Make sure you carry, trekking pants, thermal underwear, socks, jackets, waterproof pants, hiking shoes, etc.

Load Up On Essentials

In addition, it’s also crucial that you take some essentials like sunscreens, band-aids, hats, batteries, memory cards, medicines, hand-sanitizers, and ear-plugs. Last but not the least make sure you don’t forget to take with you, your passport, tickets, medical certificates, disclaimers, and debit and credit cards.

Travel Card Is Your True Friend

Yet another quintessential requisite you must carry with you, on an international trek, is a travel card, like the one offered by Weizmann Forex. A travel card, helps you load multiple currencies, anytime, anywhere and gives you 24 * 7 access to funds, an option to set a daily withdrawal limit, make secure transactions and report loss easily, making it a much better option than a regular debit or credit card while going on a trek. It also enables you to book tickets effortlessly, making for a convenient service to have on you, when you want your travel plans to go perfectly.

So what are you waiting for? Make sure you mark every item off that checklist before your much awaited trek tour and get your travel card from Weizmann Forex.