Which B School to choose? Global OR Local?

Global OR Local?

How to go about choosing the best B school for yourself? Should you go Indian or should you go global?

B schools have become the sure way of gaining a foot-hold in a respectable well-paying corporate career. All across the globe, as in India, there seems to be a furor, a race to crack these B school exams and get into the tough, competitive corporate world. With B schools mushrooming, across India, as across the world, it becomes pertinent to then answer that, which of these make for a better choice in the long run.

A recent study showed that only four among the many reputable B schools featured in the top 100 schools of the world, were Indian. This is a dismal ratio, given the wealth of brains and talent we have and the sheer number of students who write the entrance examinations to these schools.

So, what reasons can be attributed to this? Let’s delve deeper!

A recent research shows that the most pressing reason for this, seems to be a lack of global exposure in course and learning, marked by an abysmally low ratio of representation of foreign students and faculty. So, in such a scenario, for a student who maybe enterprising and wanting that truly international university experience, is it right to just settle and make the best of what Indian universities have to offer or would it be only fitting to not resign but jump the gun and try to make the dream of an international degree, come true?

It truly is a tough call to take given that for their many deficiencies, Indian business schools, also provide for recognition and job-scope in the Indian market. On the other hand, international MBAs provide a broader base of knowledge of the world, norms of culture; strengthen leadership skills; widen the networking base; help in exchange of ideas and consequently, a more-rounded development of personality. And what’s even more interesting, is that admissions to these foreign universities, which was thought to be a long, arduous process, with long-procedures of documentation – that was needed to pay fees on time, buy air-tickets and meet travel expenses while in the foreign country during application, has been made easier nowadays. A major up-side has been the rising anvil of remittance services like that of Weizmann Forex that provide customized student solutions, that facilitate payments and remittances, making it swifter to withdraw money, transfer funds, re-load money on cards, make secure transactions while paying fees, etc.

Yet another highlight of a service like Weizmann Forex, is the offering of travel cards, that help create customized travel solutions for students while they pursue processes of admission. Among the many advantages of these overseas travel cards, is the leeway to load up to 16 currencies (helpful while students maybe checking out different universities, make up to three free withdrawals, give parents the power to control usage of cards by setting daily limits, etc.)

In the wake of these services that make the leg-work to applications easier, facilitating payment transfer, withdrawal, personalized travel solutions; as also funding available from numerous grants, and the obvious advantage of better grooming and higher package that internationally educated students, can command, it definitely makes a try towards getting an international MBA worth its while.