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As one of the sector’s leading organisations, we strive not only to retain our market leader position, but also to scale new highs of achievement.

The pursuit of excellence in service to our customers, employees and other stakeholders are key aspects of our work culture and ethos. This also charges the environment with dynamism, velocity and trust.

A few of our work mantras can be summed up as

Work hard, dream big.

Ask a lot of questions, because learning is key

Collaborate and communicate

Focus on the customer, all else will follow

Live your integrity in all you do

Accelerate accountability

There is no ‘I’ in teamwork

We believe in a fair and transparent system of rewards based on our people’s performance, contribution and value to the organisation.

Our people are guided by five core values: honesty, trust, freedom, teamwork, and equality.

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Weizmann Forex Ltd. is an organisation that encourages the free exchange of ideas and respects differences of opinion. We recruit individuals who possess the potential to contribute their skills and talents to a work culture based on mutual respect.

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