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Check the foreign exchange rates for the currencies in Hyderabad :

Currency Buy (INR) Sell (INR)
Hongkong Dollar ( HKD ) 9.7551BUY 8.5575 SELL
Malaysian Ringgit ( MYR ) 19.1644BUY 16.1871 SELL
Australian Dollar ( AUD ) 48.5208BUY 44.1296 SELL
Thai Baht ( THB ) 2.4006BUY 2.2509 SELL
Swiss Franc ( CHF ) 72.3820BUY 70.9478 SELL
Canadian Dollar ( CAD ) 54.4617BUY 50.0738 SELL
New Zealand Dollar ( NZD ) 45.4826BUY 43.9389 SELL
Singapore Dollar ( SGD ) 52.8201BUY 51.0874 SELL
UAE Dirham ( AED ) 20.0476BUY 18.4630 SELL
Danish Kroner ( DKK ) 11.2598BUY 9.7619 SELL
Norwegian Kroner ( NOK ) 10.3730BUY 6.5247 SELL
Saudi Rial ( SAR ) 19.7943BUY 18.3495 SELL
Swedish Kroner ( SEK ) 8.0307BUY 6.7821 SELL
South African Rand ( ZAR ) 5.3082BUY 4.3604 SELL
Chinese Yuan ( CNY ) 11.4137BUY 9.5165 SELL
Sri Lanka Rupee ( LKR ) 0.9424BUY 0.1425 SELL
US Dollar ( USD ) 71.7350BUY 67.4450 SELL
Euro ( EUR ) 79.3042BUY 74.9160 SELL
Sterling Pound ( GBP ) 92.0161BUY 87.5382 SELL
Japanese Yen ( JPY ) 0.6764BUY 0.6165 SELL

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