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Weizmann Forex, India’s best Forex Company provides one of the best services in Foreign Currency Exchange in Udupi. To travel around the world, you need different currencies for different country and let’s not forget, exchanging Indian currency is one of the biggest concerns a traveller has while travelling. If exchanging currency or forex is a question while travelling then, our esteemed forex services is a one stop solution to all your travel woes. Along with getting the best forex rates in Udupi, you can also buy forex through our multi-currency forex card and traveller’s cheques without any hassles. Get the best foreign exchanges rates in Udupi when you order your forex through A simple and secure booking process will make ordering your foreign exchange a simple exercise. All you need to do is book your forex through us and get the best exchange rates in Udupi today.

Check the foreign exchange rates for the currencies in Udupi :

Currency Buy (INR) Sell (INR)
Hongkong Dollar ( HKD ) 9.2550BUY 8.7564 SELL
Malaysian Ringgit ( MYR ) 19.1812BUY 15.9041 SELL
Australian Dollar ( AUD ) 48.8521BUY 48.2189 SELL
Thai Baht ( THB ) 2.3971BUY 2.2482 SELL
Swiss Franc ( CHF ) 72.3367BUY 71.7004 SELL
Canadian Dollar ( CAD ) 54.2525BUY 53.6121 SELL
New Zealand Dollar ( NZD ) 46.8599BUY 46.1807 SELL
Singapore Dollar ( SGD ) 52.5348BUY 51.8960 SELL
UAE Dirham ( AED ) 19.5054BUY 18.9108 SELL
Danish Kroner ( DKK ) 10.7868BUY 10.0889 SELL
Saudi Rial ( SAR ) 19.1075BUY 18.5127 SELL
Swedish Kroner ( SEK ) 7.6585BUY 7.1109 SELL
Chinese Yuan ( CNY ) 11.7672BUY 9.2201 SELL
Sri Lanka Rupee ( LKR ) 0.8426BUY 0.1432 SELL
US Dollar ( USD ) 71.3800BUY 70.8900 SELL
Euro ( EUR ) 79.2508BUY 78.6134 SELL
Sterling Pound ( GBP ) 93.9795BUY 93.3034 SELL
Japanese Yen ( JPY ) 0.6754BUY 0.6155 SELL
South African Rand ( ZAR ) 5.0139BUY 4.5659 SELL

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There are different types of Forex payment options for the exchange of foreign currency in Udupi -

  • Cash
  • Traveller’s Cheque
  • Weizmann Forex Multi – Currency Travel Card

Various Benefits of Weizmann Forex

There is plenty of benefit of Weizmann Forex service in Udupi. It is highly secured and safe. Weizmann Forex provides a Weizmann Forex travel card to travel across the globe with Multi-Currency.

Customer care at Weizmann Forex

Weizmann Forex is one of the most reliable Foreign Currency Exchange Company in Udupi where customer’s expectation is always exceeded with prompt service. Weizmann Forex provides global customer assistance service and SMS alert service.

Why Weizmann Forex Is The Best Forex Service Provider?

Weizmann Forex provides the Forex Exchange service at lowest price in the Udupi. We provide doorstep service for forex which makes your travel plan a lot easier. Just sit back and give a call, our representative will reach at your place and solve all your issues related to Forex Exchange. Or you could simply Buy or sell forex here.

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