Weizmann Forex Ltd is the preferred channel to remit student fees to colleges and universities abroad.

We are RBI licensed Authorized dealers in foreign exchange (Category II) enabling us to cater to various remittance segments such as overseas tour operators, film shooting, medical treatment abroad, immigration and Overseas Education Forex Solutions.

With Weizmann Forex, sending fees to your foreign college is fast and easy. We offer customized solutions to students looking to study abroad which allow all their foreign currency, travel card, Travellers Cheque and air tickets needs to be met under one roof itself. So walk in or call our nearest branch office or toll free number and we shall solve all your foreign exchange related needs or queries.

Education Remittance through WUBS

Weizmann Forex Ltd is also an authorized partner of Western Union Business Solutions (WUBS). WUBS is authorized by many universities and colleges in Australia, Canada, UK and US to receive fees on their behalf.

Top up By Parents

Your parents can regularly send you money from any Weizmann Forex branch at the best available rates and we shall ensure it reaches you in a fast, reliable and convenient manner.

You can also get a Prepaid Forex Card from Weizmann Forex before traveling and reload it as and when required once your child is abroad. This will ensure that your child will have access to his funds in the fastest manner possible. You may also choose to send a Wire Transfer through Weizmann Forex for your child’s expenses.

Overseas Education Forex Solutions

  • Weizmann Forex offers a wide range of solutions in Foreign Exchange including Foreign Currency Demand Drafts, currency notes, multi-currency Prepaid cards for your needs. We can help you get a Foreign Currency Demand Draft in 9 different currencies: US Dollar (USD), Euro, Australian Dollar (AUD), Great Britain Pound (GBP), Swiss Francs (CHF), Singapore Dollars (SGD), Japanese Yen, Canadian Dollars (CAD), New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
  • Along with your Foreign Exchange requirements like university fees and living expenses.
  • Weizmann Forex helps you send your money within 24 – 48 hours* to your foreign college or university once all documentation is completed and verified.