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​​We are RBI licensed Authorized dealers in foreign exchange (Category II) enabling us to provide our customers a full bouquet of remittance products

Family Maintenance

Sending money by an Indian, to their relatives Abroad.
Limit – USD 1Lakh in a FY.


  • KYC documents of the remitter, Beneficiary details, A2/application forms.


NRO/NRE Repatriation

Sending money from the NRO/NRE account of a NRI. (Remittances permissible for foreigners also)


  • NRO repatriation (limit USD1MIO (USD 10 LAKH) in a FY)
  • The forms 15CA & 15 CB prescribed under IT Act
  • NRE repatriation (No limit in this category)
  • Passport copy of the remitter with Visa, one month bank statement.


Salary Remittance

Companies can now send employee salaries abroad to employees working overseas in a safe, convenient manner.


  • KYC documents of the company/Corporate, declaration on salary and tax deduction, with staff details.
  • Payment has to come from the company account in India and has to go to the staff’s account abroad.


NRE Quota admission

We also provide services for students in India planning to join a College/University in India under NRE quota admission.
The student needs to be sponsored by a NRI (either his/her parents or relatives)


  • KYC documents of the student as well as the sponsor (NRI), A2 form/application form, letter from the college with fee details.
  • The fund should come from the NRE account of the sponsor and we can issue FCDD/TT in the name of the College /University in India.

Note: In this case the student is not travelling abroad and is studying here in India only

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