Miscellaneous Remittances

We are RBI licensed Authorized dealers in foreign exchange (Category II) enabling us to provide our customers a full bouquet of remittance products

Sending money by an Indian, to their relatives Abroad. Limit – USD 1Lakh in a FY.


  • KYC documents of the remitter, Beneficiary details, A2/application forms.

Sending money from the NRO/NRE account of a NRI. (Remittances permissible for foreigners also)


  • NRO repatriation (limit USD1MIO (USD 10 LAKH) in a FY)
  • The forms 15CA & 15 CB prescribed under IT Act

Companies can now send employee salaries abroad to employees working overseas in a safe, convenient manner.


  • KYC documents of the company/Corporate, declaration on salary and tax deduction, with staff details.
  • Payment has to come from the company account in India and has to go to the staff’s account abroad.

We also provide services for students in India planning to join a College/University in India under NRE quota admission.

The student needs to be sponsored by a NRI (either his/her parents or relatives)


  • KYC documents of the student as well as the sponsor (NRI), A2 form/application form, letter from the college with fee details.
  • The fund should come from the NRE account of the sponsor and we can issue FCDD/TT in the name of the College /University in India.

Note: In this case the student is not travelling abroad and is studying here in India only