Hotstar Subscription

Offer Construct:

  1. Codes given to a potential Subscriber will only be redeemable by such person who on the date of redeeming the Code is not and has not previously subscribed to Hotstar i.e. the Code is redeemable and valid for use by first time Subscribers only. Each Subscriber shall have the option to choose from any of the following Hotstar pack and pricing:
Packs Pack Cost Subscriber Offer
Annual Pack $99.99/pa 20% off on 1st billing month
(No 30 day free subscription)
Sports + Entertainment
(Monthly subscription)
$19.99/pm 20% off on 1st billing month
(No 30 day free subscription)
Entertainment (Monthly) $9.99/pm 20% on 1st billing
(First 30 days free)


  1. Weizmann Forex will offer these promotional codes to students via a promotional emailer.
  2. The promotional code will be sent to students who have availed Weizmann Forex’s Student Forex Solutions.
  3. Each student who has transacted with Weizmann Forex will receive a single code to avail the offer as mentioned in the offer construct
  4. Offer is valid to customers based in US or Canada respectively as per code.

Validity of the Offer:

  1. The offer is valid till 30th November, 2018 after which the codes will expire and cannot be used for redemption of the offer as mentioned in the offer construct.


  1. This is a promotional offer in case of any issue relating to redemption of the offer, the customers should contact Hotstar. Weizmann Forex shall not be liable and responsible for any dispute in this regard.