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We facilitate payments across industry segments. It does not matter what is being bought – payments need to arrive on time and in the correct amount.

Our outgoing payments solution will help your company

Streamline processing – One easy file upload provides your company with a template and process for all incoming, outgoing, domestic, and international transactions.

Reduce cost and errors – Our enrolment program allows your vendors to manage their own information, including bank account details, helping to ensure accurate and timely payments.

Improve your risk management strategy – Our dedicated specialists, along with our market reporting services, will help you by drawing from a number of cash and risk management tools, to implement a suitable strategy that will reduce your risk and protect your bottom line.

Manage volatile exchange rates – When sending international payments and conducting business abroad, volatile currency markets can raise a company’s expenses, diminish profits and make accurate long term planning difficult.

Our fast and efficient payment solutions can significantly minimize currency risk and help give companies a competitive edge

Transfer funds with confidence – Send money in more than 135 different currencies

Real-time exchange rates – know the exact payment amount.

Work with a dedicated account manager and foreign exchange specialist

Manage foreign receivables with automated reporting and easy reconciliation to accounts receivable

Take control of the payments process.

Monitor online payments – track payment status from lodgment up to its release.

Don’t just send payments when the banks are open – initiate a transaction anytime, anywhere with a trusted internet connection.

Know when a payment is complete with Automatic Notification – beneficiaries are notified via email, when the payment has been processed.

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